DJ Set


Any genre, style or instrumentation. Big and small projects. Have your multitrack recordings professionally mixed to a high standard, translatable across systems, and prepared for master. Start from scratch or help polish an existing mix.

Rates are negotiable depending on size of project/turnaround. Remote sessions also possible.

Editing with Headphones

Post-production (Editing / Comping / Restoration)

Cleaning up performances/fixing mistakes/tightening up grooves.
Joining multiple takes together to extract the best moments from your performances.

Cleaning up clipped audio/hum/hiss/clicks & pops

Mixer Keys

Mastering  / Stem Mastering / Remaster

Add that final polish, loudness, tonal balancing and correction for a commercial-level track that plays well on all systems/platforms. Cohesion for larger scale projects including albums and EPs.

Mix not quite popping? Stem mastering gives the mastering engineer more control over the individual elements of the mix which in turn, allows them to create a more dynamic and better balanced end result.

Remaster an older release to bring it up to modern standards.

Percussion Set

MIDI Drum Track Sequencing

Drums are arguably one of the most important parts of a production. Have realistic-sounding, custom-made virtual drum tracks created for your song/arrangement, composed from a professional drummer's perspective. After an initial consultation, you will have a rhythm track that grooves, feels musical and has flair, taking your arrangement to the next level. Any genre/feel/style accepted.

Can be supplied as separate multitracks or as a single pre-mixed stereo file.

Microphone Sound Editing

Song / Mix / Arrangement Consultation / Tutoring

Get assistance and/or a second opinion on your music, whether that be aspects of the mix, specific parts of the arrangement or across the entire production.

Have one-off or regular private tutorial sessions on any of the above topics/processes, either helping you with your own productions or using my own resources.