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What is your background in music?

My background is as a drummer, performer, studio practitioner, live sound engineer and educator. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to record, gig and create music with a huge variety of musicians and projects, which has helped me develop a keen ear for arrangement and sensitivity toward different styles. I have a BA in Commercial Music from CCCU and an MA in Popular Music from Goldsmiths - specialising in production. Mixing and mastering to me are as much about artistic expression as composing and performing, and I treat this work as such. Working with the artist or composer closely helps me align myself with their intended sound and vision. 

How does it work?

After receiving your email/web form, I'll get in touch with a quote and possible timescale for the project. If you are happy to proceed, we can have an initial email/zoom "consultation" to find out more about the project. Since music is so personal and differs for each artist, I always want to find a reference point and that usually starts with a conversation! After that, I'll provide invoices and PDFs on how to prepare your files and get to work. For larger scale projects (mixing/mastering albums etc), I require 50% payment upfront. For smaller scale projects I require a 10% deposit, and you'll receive a sample of your track/s to sign off on, before full payment. For one-off stereo mastering, you'll receive a sample of your track to sign off on, before any payment is necessary.

How long will it take to complete?

This depends on the project/number of tracks/level of detail required. My standard turnaround time for a full mix is 7 days. Mastering, editing and drum tracks are 2/3 days, but these times can fluctuate depending on my schedule. I will always let you know roughly how long it will take, but please specify if you need a faster turnaround time.

How do I pay?

PayPal is the preferred method although bank transfer (FPS) also accepted. Unfortunately I cannot accept direct card payments at this time.

How do I prepare my files for mixing?

  • Bypass any plug-ins that could interfere with the mixing - namely effects (reverbs, delays, modulation-based) and dynamic processing - unless it is an integral part of the sound / arrangement - however you could also send wet and dry versions

  • 'Raw' unprocessed audio files should be in a lossless format (.WAV or .AIFF) and at 44.1 kHz / 24 bit (minimum)

  • Feel free to send a 'demo' mix along with your multitracks, which I can use as a reference

  • Clearly label all multitracks and place in a folder titled with your name/artist name and the song title

  • Transfer files via Dropbox or WeTransfer

  • Please get in touch if unsure

How do I prepare my files for stereo mastering?

  • Generally, bypass any limiting plug-ins on your mix/master bus

  • Aim to leave roughly 3dB of headroom (master bus peak level no higher than -3 dB)

  • At the very least, ensure there is no clipping taking place on the master output (peaks above 0dBFS)

  • Bounce your mix down to a single stereo file, in a lossless format (.WAV or .AIFF), preferably at 44.1 kHz / 24 bit (minimum)

  • Again, feel free to send a demo 'master' if you prefer, which I will be able to use as a reference

  • Transfer files via Dropbox or WeTransfer

  • Please get in touch if unsure

Have another question?

Please get in touch via emailing with your specific query, and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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