Picks: Super Bad Disco - Berlin Zoo (HHV records / instrumental hiphop, copenhagen)

Berlin Zoo's Super Bad Disco LP (HHV). With one of the best record blurbs I've read in ages.

Released in 2017, Super Bad Disco is the first LP from Berlin Zoo - a trio of three Danish producers, Fou Fou, I Kicked A Cloud Once and Shatter Hands.

The album is a menagerie of murky textures, twinkling lights, choice flips and crispy beats.

It's mostly instrumental hip-hop beat tape style- with some glorious lo-fi textures throughout, and a varied approach (probably due to the personnel) that keeps the vibes feeling fresh - where nothing overstays it's welcome. Deliciously dark in tone, and with some surprisingly poignant moments.

Creative production, solid vibes, variation and a defined flow make this album highly recommended. Look forward to the next zoo outing.

Check out the release here: https://superbaddisco.bandcamp.com/album/super-bad-disco



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