Sandcastles / Baby.girl

Release date: 23.04.2020

Label: Mother Night Label Genre: Electronic/Chill

Style: Instrumental

Sandcastles is the first in a series of sun-kissed summery instrumentals from Baby.girl, brother/sister duo from Bournemouth, UK. Sandy, hypnotic beats and the smooth swagger of guitar both distil carefree vibes of living by the sea, the breezy days and heady nights of summer.

#instrumental #chill #summer #lofibeats #electronic #goodvibes



Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big hi-fi system. Choose headphones with an exceptional frequency response. Choose connection. Choose lo-fi electronica, psych-hop, dream pop, ambient beats, alt jazz and world rhythms. Choose gazing at the stars, late night sojourns to uncharted territories. Choose life...

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