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Add that final polish, loudness, tonal balancing and correction for a commercial-level track that plays well on all systems/platforms. Cohesion for larger scale projects including albums and EPs. Mix not quite popping? Stem mastering gives the mastering engineer more control over the individual elements of the mix which can allow them to create a more dynamic and better balanced end result. Remaster an older release to bring it up to modern standards.

Stereo: £25

Stem: £50

Remaster: £20

Discounts: 3 masters (£10), 5 masters (£15), 10 masters (£20)

Examples (switches between post and pre mastering):

Cog In The Machine (Live) - Will Knox (Acoustic/Folk)
A Lightless Love - Owen Duff (Folk/Singer Songwriter)
Ecstasy - Ben Flowers (Dream Pop)
Got Your Love - Karl Hungus (Future Bass)
Slapback - Nervbloc (Drum & Bass)

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