The Loview / The Hypnotist 


Release date: 27.04.2020

Label: Mother Night Label

Genre: Electronic/Downtempo

Style: Instrumental


The Hypnotist is the first single from the upcoming Dreamtempo long-play, released 1st May. Setting the scene with lush backdrops, dusty beats and a dark narrative, the track shows off the production style and aesthetic. A seductive, introverted trip to somewhere between past memories and future yearnings.

#instrumental #downtempo #psychedelic #lofibeats #electronic



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Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big hi-fi system. Choose headphones with an exceptional frequency response. Choose connection. Choose lo-fi electronica, psych-hop, dream pop, ambient beats, alt jazz and world rhythms. Choose gazing at the stars, late night sojourns to uncharted territories. Choose life...

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